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Deputy Sheriff Harris of Kane County, Utah was killed in the line of duty while tracking a suspect in the desert near Fredonia, Arizona.

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    09/02/2010 to 09/03/2010

Commemorating September 11


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    09/10/2010 to 09/11/2010

PFC. Vieyra died on September 18, 2010, in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

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    10/01/2010 to 10/02/2010

Phoenix Police identified Sergeant Drenth as the officer who was shot and killed in the area of the Arizona State Capitol.

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    10/18/2010 to 10/25/2010

Senator Garcia was elected to the Arizona State Senate in 2003 and, at the time of his death, had been serving as the Senate Minority Leader.  He had previously served in the Arizona House of Representatives from 1993 to 1997.   Governor Brewer has ordered that flags at state offices be flown at half staff for a period of seven days beginning October 16, 2010.  This order is made pursuant to Section 41-852, Arizona Revised Statutes.

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    10/15/2010 to 10/23/2010